My 12-year-old daughter came home yesterday and shared an interesting talk she and some classmates had after they had finished their classroom work. One student asked, “Is anyone willing to share their political party leanings or that of your parents?” All the kids agreed. Two leaned Republican, two leaned Democratic and two leaned Independent. The next question asked by another student was, “What did you think of George Bush?”

“I did not like him.”

“He made a mess of our country.”

“He was a bad President.”

“He wasn’t so much a bad President but a very stupid leader.”

“He is responsible for where our country is today. He failed at protecting the Constitution.”

The next question was, “What do you think of Obama?”

“He was handed a pile of crap.”

“He’s smart but he would be smarter to arrest Dick Cheney.”

“He needs to bring the troops home.”

“He needs to create a jobs program and work towards more green technology.”

“He needs to regulate the finance industry.”

“He needs to address the issue of torture.”

"My Mom’s business could benefit from a Public Option."

The next question was, “What do you think we need to do about Afghanistan?”

“Bring the troops home.”

“Send more development aid.”

“If the work cannot be done as an equal international coalition, we should not do it alone.”

“It’s another Iraq.”

“Stop using military contractors and end the privatization of the military and intelligence."

"I’de pick funding health care over war."

The final question was, “What did you think about the article we read in Current Events about Afghanistan?”

“Well, I am not about to support a ten year war.”

“Yeah, the country is in the crapper now, what will two wars and 18 years of war do to our country?”

“We’ll be college grads when this war is ’suppose’ to end. Like the economy will recover in time for any of us to have a job or take care of our parents.”

“Our country will have been at war most of my life. This is not something I am comfortable with and it makes me very disappointed and concerned for my country.”

“I think the publication was written by the government to feed us nice sounding bits to take home to tell our parents in order to sell the war.”

When she finished sharing the conversation I said, “You are the smartest kids I know.”

She said, “Well we all agreed our parents were pretty smart and were making sure they are staying current with updated information. And most the kids’ parents watch the Daily Show.”

Kids say the darndest things. I hope Mr. Obama listens to them.

(This conversation came from the heart of the campaign region in Ohio. The central Ohio region which makes or breaks which color Ohio votes in national elections.)