Two weeks ago a local judge ruled that Alex Freyre and Jose Maria Di Bello could get a marriage license, but yesterday a higher-level judge put the brakes on the men’s wedding.  Freyre and Di Bello first met at an AIDS awareness event and wanted to commemorate that anniversary by marrying today, World AIDS Day.

“The wedding’s been suspended but we’re appealing to the Supreme Court today so we can figure out which court ruling to follow,” said Ivan Pavlovsky, a spokesman for Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri.

The Roman Catholic Church in Argentina had criticized the judicial decision to let the couple marry and urged authorities to reconsider.

Macri, considered a possible presidential candidate in 2011, has resisted pressure to challenge the court decision, arguing that the time is right for the region’s first same-sex marriage….

Maria Rachid, the couple’s lawyer, told Reuters that the ruling blocking the wedding was “illegitimate.”

“We’re going to ask for the annulment of the judge’s decision to suspend the wedding and going to sue her for abuse of power and for ruling against the law,” Rachid added.

Different country, same theocratic politics it would seem.

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer


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