30 Nov 2009

What Peter Beinart Doesn’t Get

Peter’s argument is cleverer than it is wise.

30 Nov 2009

Unions Target Reid on Health Care Excise Tax, Employer Mandate

The Hill reports that unions are ramping up their pressure on Harry Reid to make the Senate health care bill palatable. In their sights: killing the excise tax on employer plans and strengthening the employer mandate.

30 Nov 2009

Seminal Watercooler – Senator Obama vs. President Obama

Senator Barack Obama from 2007 rebuts President Obama’s soon-to-be-unveiledescalation in Afghanistan.

30 Nov 2009

Forgotten and Ignored: The Shadow Army Awaits Deployment

Our concern should be focused not only on corporate interests behind the push for escalation in Afghanistan; we should be concerned about the “shadow army.”

30 Nov 2009

Five Days That Shook The Corporatists’ World: N30 in Seattle, Ten Years On

Ten years ago tonight I stood on Seattle’s streets outside the convention center where the WTO was scheduled to meet, but didn’t: civil society had won the day. That success deserves celebration. And now that corporatist-owned Dems are again choosing to sacrifice our lives for their masters’ profits, the sucess may well deserve emulation.

30 Nov 2009

Living Up to Our Constitution – Part IV

This is the final entry in a four-part series covering Rhode Island’s Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s keynote address at the recent Brennan Center for Justice’s Second Annual “Living Constitution” event.

30 Nov 2009

I Guess I Should Say Where My Head Is At On Escalation In Afghanistan

So I wrote this to one of the (too many) listservs I’m on, in response to a question about whether the Afghanistan war — or escalating it — is justifiably seen as a progressive goal. My reply was that I see the case for continuing the war and progressivism as

30 Nov 2009

Obama Faces ‘Moment of Truth’ With TV Address to Nation on War in Afghanistan

President Said Repeatedly During ’08 Campaign That Bush’s War in Iraq Was a Distraction From the ‘Real War on Terror’ in Afghanistan and Is Shifting U.S. Resources Accordingly — But He Risks Alienating His Hard-Core Anti-War Supporters Who Voted for Him Amid Sharp Divisions in Public Sentiment on Whether to Send In More Troops

30 Nov 2009

KPCC's AirTalk: "Transgender Sportswriter Mike Penner Dies"

Well, the audio for KPCC‘s AirTalk broadcast regarding Mike Penner’s passing is up. Patricia Wojdowski and I were on with host Larry Mantle this morning (November 30, 2009). The producer, Karen Fritsche, was as a gracious, kind, and thoughtful a point of contact for the show as could be. Here’s

30 Nov 2009

Monday Health Care Highlights

The Urban Institute is helping push the trigger. It is a Trojan Horse to kill the public option. Mikulski offers the first amendment to the Senate bill to reduce cost-saving for preventive screening for several female health issues. Here is the liveblog for the first day of Senate debate. The