Crazy from the chalkdustBob Owens (also known as Gun Counter Gomer, Treason in Defense of Slavery Yankee, and Cousin Bob… but only to his wife) takes to the pages of Pajamas Media to explain his very original theory (formulated in his Law & Order Sleuthin’ & Hard Thinkin’ Room… you know, the one with the Sears & Roebuck catalog nailed to the slats) as to what motivated Maurice Clemmons ( a man with a history of violence, multiple felonies, and mental illness) to kill four policemen.

Unsurprisingly, it the dirty fucking hippies who made him do it:

Another Leftist-Motivated Cop-Killing in the Northwest?


Officials do not have a motive, but they have not ruled out a copycat killing in what some news outlets are already describing as a war on cops in Washington. Insanity is being hinted at by a family member. Clemmons’ sister says he claimed to have sent letters to the president, and that he expected Obama to confirm him as the living messiah.

His interest in President Obama may also suggest the possibility of a twisted political motivation for the killings. If this turns out to be the case, the shooting will be just the latest politically motivated attack on police officers in Washington state in recent memory.

He then goes on to expand upon his CY post noted earlier which was a total logic win:

Radical leftists educated in Washington have killed cops
Maurice Clemmons moved from Arkansas to Washington and killed some cops.
Maurice Clemmons is therefore a radical leftist.
Q.E.D. Case closed. In your face. Suck it. ..

You see, it is entirely possible that Maurice Clemmons spent the years leading up to the shooting hanging around some of the local college campuses, engaging in all-night bull sessions, Alinsky readings, and constructing enormous puppets for the WTO street protests. Also, beer pong. There may very well may have been an associate professor (a combination Ward Churchill/Charles Manson figure) who recognized what a perfect weapon Clemmons was,  took him under his wing , and began exposing him to Marxism, moral relativism, multiculturalism, and post-modernism. Also, beer pong. So, really, Clemmons was very likely a ticking time bomb made up of equal parts hatred, evil, anarchy, class/racial resentment, and MGD Light.

Improbable? Maybe. Unsupportable? Probably. An enormous amount of fantastical bullshit from Bob Owens who is desperate to find a way to somehow blame this on leftists because, when he all he has is a moribund political philosophy, everything looks like an ACORNliberalmuslim plot?

Yeah. That sounds about right.

Tune in next week To CSI: Chigger Falls when Gomer Bob goes deep undercover at the Learning Annex to find out whether 50 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Ice & Improve Your Conversations is just a ruse to lure women into WHITE SLAVERY.

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