KPCC's AirTalk: Transgender Sportswriter DiesWell, the audio for KPCC‘s AirTalk broadcast regarding Mike Penner’s passing is up. Patricia Wojdowski and I were on with host Larry Mantle this morning (November 30, 2009). The producer, Karen Fritsche, was as a gracious, kind, and thoughtful a point of contact for the show as could be.

Here’s the explanatory text for the approximately 30-minute long audio, from the segment they entitled Transgender sportswriter Mike Penner dies:

LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner was found dead over the weekend, having apparently committed suicide. Penner changed his gender identification in 2007 and began living and writing as Christine Daniels. Later detransitioning, he reassumed Mike Penner’s gender and byline. Did gender trouble prompt his suicide? What unique challenges do transgender people face in their professional and personal lives?


Autumn Sandeen, New Media Reporter for Pam’s House Blend

Patricia Wojdowski, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in therapy for gender variant individuals and couples. For more info, visit:


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen

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