J Street’s Executive Director Jeremy Ben Ami was on C-Span’s Washington Journal on Sunday.

Just can not figure out why some folks think J Street is such a new and refreshing direction in regard to the I/P conflict.

While I did hear Ben-Ami actually discuss the possibility of Jerusalem being shared by the Palestinians and Israeli’s. The majority of what he has to say sounds like an effort to "rebrand" Aipac and the I lobby.

The host of Washington Journal does not ask what the Israeli government or settlers need to do for peace he ask Ben -Ami "if settlements are at the center or part of the center and Israeli’s give up one thing what do Palestinians have to do in response to that?"

Ben Ami goes on about Palestinian violence. Never mentions the ongoing violence taking place while the Israeli government continues the confiscation of Palestinian homes, expands illegal settlements, the destruction of olive trees, the continued abuse and humiliation of the Palestinian people, the disproportionate amount of destructive force used by the Israeli military to rockets. Never mentions the Goldstone Report.

Not once does the host ask Ben Ami what does "Israel need to do" Not once

Ben Ami "Palestinians will need to give up the notion that they can return back to 67 borders"

James from Corpus Christi Texas ask a great question "Do you think it fair to ask the American taxpayers to continue to support Israel and incur the wrath of the Muslim world and therefore lead us into expensive wars and endanger our population by terrorist attacks. Is this fair"

At that point a map pops up on Washington Journal of Israel, West Bank and the Gaza without the settlements being shown and how the Palestinians lands are non contiguous. What a bunch of hogwash. What spin. What a lie.

Ben Ami’s response "OBL does not give one iota of care about the Palestinian people until it became useful for him as a political tool. This has been true through out the decades. That there has not necessarily been compassion and humanitarian care about the Palestinian people by those who use the conflict. It’s used more as a cynical, political tool"

"This has been true through out the decades" How many Palestinian refugees are there in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon?

Jeremey Ben Ami goes onto spin how J Streets interest is to take the conflict away from folks who want to use it as a "cynical, political" tool.

Ben-Ami does not say anything about "compassion and empathy" towards the Palestinian people.

Jeremy "get beyond the settlement freeze" What the hell was this response about. The settlements are still expanding.

J Streets executive director goes on and on repeating unsubstantiated claim about Iran. He actually stated that IAEA’s director El Baradei has "basically" said that "Iranians have 100% stopped complying. Iran is not in compliance" The director of the IAEA has never said any such thing.

He then tries to spin that there was not an I lobby back in 1948.

J Street is Aipac "rebranded"

Jeremy Ben- Ami was spinning so fast it was tough to keep up. The host of Washington Journal did not challenge him one time. Not once. Never brings up the Goldstone Report. C span is about as good as it gets in the MSM. And the host never brings up the UN Goldstone Report. So pathetic!

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