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Video of Wedding Party Being Bombed in Downtown Chicago: Protest the Surge!

On Friday November 27th the Chicago World Can't Wait Chapter went out among the Black Friday shoppers in downtown Chicago to challenge them to protest the continuation of U.S. crimes in the Middle East.  We performed a “wedding” in which the wedding party is bombed by a drone. There have been dozens of these incidents in which wedding parties are bombed by these drones through out Afghanistan and even in Pakistan. Watch the video here of this action 

On Tuesday evening President Obama will address the American people. He will announce that he is sending 34,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan to “finish the job”.  But every person of conscience knows that by escalating this war in Afghanistan he is not finishing the job, but in fact continuing the war crime of a preemptive war of aggression.  For those who are undecided in their stance on this escalation please remember this is no less a war crime than it was under Bush.  Come join protests throughout the country on Tuesday and Wednesday. Chicago World Can't Wait Chapter will be joining others on Wednesday at 5pm to protest this surge. Here is a list of protests happening through out the country 

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Jill McLaughlin

Jill McLaughlin