Shelley Dockery is doing everything correctly to achieve the American dream. She’s young, beautiful, articulate and pursuing a masters degree in graphic design. But Shelley is falling right between the cracks. She’s an uninsured two time cancer survivor. As she says, "the health care system kind of drops you at the age of twenty-five".

Her parents "help her out and make sacrifices", and the family "comes together" to pay for her care.

I asked her what would happen if she needed an expensive diagnostic test like a CAT Scan or an MRI? She said, "we’d be plum out of luck".

As it is, Shelley’s family just finished paying off medical bills in excess of $20,000 for her last bout of cancer.

Here’s Shelley in her own words:

Ask Shelley Dockery whether healthcare in the United States is a right or a privilege.

Eve (nyceve) Gittelson

Eve (nyceve) Gittelson