last week I wrote;

“U.K. Intelligence Told Blair there were No wmd’s Before the attack on Iraq”

The diary is about to go dark for comments so I am compelled to start a new one though this one goes with that very nicely

The fact that Blair’s intelligence told him there were no wmd long before we attacked Iraq was pretty bad all by itself but if you click through the comments there are some excellent assists with terrific links and insights by thingscomeundone, Libbyliberal, Bluebutterfly, Aquarius74

We also find out on that diary that not only is the investigation demonstrating the depraved indifference for the facts, human life and the consequences of their decision but we ALSO find out this investigation is itself being censored and we are not even hearing the worst of it

Well today another shoe drops;

Blair was told Iraq war ‘illegal’

He was told he was committing a war crime;

Peter Goldsmith, the Attorney General at the time, wrote to Blair eight months before the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, but the premier ignored the advice, the Mail on Sunday claimed.

The newspaper said a public inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the war was in possession of Goldsmith’s letter and he and Blair are likely to be questioned about it when they give evidence next year.

There it is, willful defiance of the law, willfully committing war crimes, Blair does not have the luxury of claiming "he thought he was doing the right thing" because he was told he was not, he was told there was no case for the war AND he was told the invasion would be a war crime

this gets worse;

The Mail on Sunday reported that Goldsmith was "gagged" after he tried to dissuade Blair from lending Britain’s support to the war.

follow what went on there;

Blair was informed by none other then his own attorney general that he was about to commit a war crime, he was told that there was no case for the war, he was told what he was doing would be prosecutable

Blair has the NERVE to gag the attorney general so he can go forward with the invasion he KNEW was a war crime, he knew was based on forged data, he knew was determined long long ago

(all bolds are mine)