I have to admit it. Last year’s Thanksgiving column was a lot easier to write. Riding high on the victories of the season, my list included things such as "Jesse Jackson’s tears in Grant Park," and "the election of the first post-modern president."

This year, progressives aren’t feeling quite so heady. Ten months of the reality of an Obama presidency instead of just our projected fantasies have tempered much of the enthusiasm. Nonetheless, Thanksgiving is an exercise in counting your blessings in good times and in not-so-good times. So I have scraped together ten things I am currently thankful for, along with ten corresponding hopes for the coming year.

Franken_Al1) Al Franken. I hope that he never changes.

2) The fact that Lou Dobbs is no longer on CNN. I hope that he decides to run for president in 2012 and further splits the Republican vote.

3) That we are only involved in two overseas quagmires. Britian and Rome were in many more at the height of their empires. I hope that number is soon zero.

4) C-SPAN, where you can witness spellbinding moments of legislative history such as this. I hope that they show every moment of Lieberman’s filibuster of the health care bill.

5) The fact that health care reform has made it this far. I know, it’s being compromised almost beyond recognition, but at least it’s happening. I hope that it passes and finds enough success to pave the way for more reforms in the future.

blogging6) The fact that we have a president who believes that global warming is real. More than in any other area, I hope he chooses what is right and necessary over what is politically expedient.

7) Blogging. I hope that it can continue to evolve and eventually fill the void being left by the decline of print journalism.

8) Sane Christians. There are a lot of us out there. I hope that we can become more vocal and receive more media attention without pandering or selling out our faith.

Palin 20129) Net neutrality. I hope that Congress wakes up and squashes McCain’s abomination of an "Internet Freedom" bill.

10) The fact that Sarah Palin is NOT the vice president. I hope that she also runs for president in 2012, splitting the Republican vote even further.

Happy Thankgiving! For what are you feeling grateful this year?

Jim Moss

Jim Moss