Here at the lake we all know the anti terror league headed by Clark, the FBI and CIA informed president bush there were no wmd’s long before he attacked Iraq

the guardian breaks the story! that blair was informed as well;

Days before the invasion of Iraq, the British government received intelligence that Saddam Hussein might be unable to use his chemical weapons, the official inquiry into the war was told today. And despite claims at the time by Tony Blair, intelligence about what Saddam was up to in the run up to the war was "patchy".

"patchy" is hardly the word here, the proper word would be "manufactured";

Questioned by the panel of the Iraq inquiry, Foreign Office officials said they believed Saddam’s nuclear programme had been dismantled and they had

no evidence

of his trying to supply chemical or biological weapons to terrorists.

YUP, notice that phrase I emboldened there, "no evidence"

check out my next bold;

Sir William Ehrman, the Foreign Office’s director of international security at the time, yesterday revealed that ministers were repeatedly warned over the limits of intelligence on Iraq.

see that phrase, "repeatedly warned"?

yet nobody is in jail

now check out the public record for how Blair reacted;

Yet Blair that month described Saddam’s banned weapons programme as "active, detailed and growing" and said the picture emerging was "detailed and authoritative".

this is a bold faced lie, he knew as a FACT the evidence was at best suspect, yet the war monger goes on international television to INSIST the FALSE data was "authoritative"

let’s HOPE england has the BALLS Obama cut off for himself in abeyance to the Cheney/bush treason brokers in war

now how damming is THIS?

In the government’s dossier on Iraqi weapons, published that month, Blair wrote that he believed intelligence assessments had established "beyond doubt" that Saddam was continuing to produce chemical and biological weapons – an assertion repeated up to the invasion.

YUP, "beyond doubt" when there was nothing BUT "doubt"

check out this RIDICULOUS "defense" for these war crimes;

However, Ehrman said that the intelligence warnings had not made any difference to the case for war. "I don’t think it invalidated the point about the programmes he had. It was more about use," he said.

now what do you suppose this moron means by "it was more about use"?