President Barack Obama’s approval ratings continue to drop. The independent and widely-respected poll website (operated in part by political scientists from the University of Wisconsin, Madison) reports that Obama’s approval rating is 48.4% with 46.5% disapproving. Pollster’s data relies on a mix of results from all the leading polls. Obama’s since his election looks like viewing an obstructed intestine with the gap between approval and disapproval steadily narrowing.

Perhaps the worst news, though, is that because this compendium of polls lags in time by a few days, the polls that make it up will NOT include the public reaction to Obama’s upcoming Afghanistan war escalation. So, look for Obama’s numbers to go even farther South relatively quickly as he trys to sell an unpopular and costly war that will bleed our citizens blood and money from the public treasury.

It is clear to most (but not the clueless Obamabot crowed over at DailyKos which shows Obama up by something like 55 to 39 in their front page poll) that the bloom is off the Obama rose. Esclation of an unpopular war; ineffective half-measures on the unemployment crisis; no plans for the creation of jobs almost a year into the administration; unaccountable bailouts to Wall St. and the banks; a watered down health "insurance reform" sold as health care reform; weak and indecisive leadership; and failure to pursue the criminal wrongdoings of the Bush administration have all begun to take their toll on former supporters of Obama and his party.

It is clear some 11 months after Obama took office that he has failed to aggressively pursue the agenda he campaigned and was elected on.