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Terrorist Attack in Europe Involving 400-lb. Car Bomb Fails to Capture Right-Wing’s Imagination


Irish terrorism will return to the top of the security agenda today after co-ordinated gun and bomb attacks in Northern Ireland confirmed the determination by so-called dissident republicans to strike hard against the Province’s fragile peace before Christmas. […]

A 400lb car bomb — nearly the size of the Real IRA device that killed 29 people in Omagh in 1998 — which failed to explode properly at the weekend was designed to cause widespread destruction, police said yesterday.

A 400-pound car bomb goes off near lots of white people? That’s news!

Yet, funny — there’s nothing about it today over at the Anchor Baby’s, the Corner, Weekly Standard — not even an Insta-link.

Very different from what happens every single time the suspects are, erm…well, you know.

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