Admittedly, I am not a big Chris Matthews fan but tonight I tuned in to his show just in time to see him give a good butt whipping to Reverend Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island on the issue of “moral morality” and government laws.

Rhode Island Democrat Rep. Patrick Kennedy has been barred from taking communion at the Catholic church given his stance on abortion. The next step I believe is making him write, “I am a good Catholic boy” 1,000 times on the chalkboard followed by a two months grounding without television.

As I said in a speech in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, “It is absolutely necessary we keep our arguments about the law, not about the bible. Every time we counteract biblical verses with, 'Well there are other sins in the bible, too' we reinforce the religious right's normalcy of biblical verses when making secular laws about our freedoms.” 

We could use some of Chris' “oomph” tonight in our every day conversations about equal justice. He sticks to the notion that religion should not be telling governement officials what to do and I am down with that 100 percent.

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