Billy Graham Feels God Was “Using Palin.” Rest of Visit Nothing to Bragg About

Sarah Palin’s arrival remarks in Asheville, NC Sunday on her way to dinner with Billy Graham gave a few clues to what her ambitions are. While she admits no one could ever take the Reverend  Billy Graham’s place, she was hoping that he’d be able to give her some advice on carrying the message of hope…watch the video for a great look at Palin working a wee crowd without handlers or stylists.

Last night’s  dinner was arranged by Graham’s son Franklin who arranged the meeting after he got to know Palin in a helicopter while delivering food and supplies to impoverished Alaskan villages last winter–Palin moved on the issue after pesky bloggers alerted the nation to her constituents’ plight.

The meeting went well reports the Charlotte Observer

[Graham] followed her career and likes her strong stand on faith,” said son Franklin Graham, who was present for the 2 1/2-hour get-together. “Daddy feels God was using her to wake America up.”

Yes, God wants us to wake us up to the venal, theocratic, dominionist aspects in the GOP and help  move America forward, away from oppression by those who wish suppress freedom using the carrot-lure guise of salvation. That might not be what Graham meant, but hey…it works!

At Graham’s Montreat home, he and Palin sat one-on-one for 35 to 40 minutes, talking about spiritual and other matters, Franklin Graham said…

Billy Graham has trouble hearing now, but Palin spoke directly and loudly enough, Franklin Graham said.

Graham signed Bibles for her parents, her aunt and each of Palin’s children. And he signed two for her – a small one she can carry with her and a large New King James version with margins big enough to write in during Bible study time.

Note this is all Franklin Graham being daddy’s mouth piece.  And note too that, Rev. Billy Graham

got a call Nov. 12 from President Obama, a Democrat, who was phoning from Air Force One as he jetted to Asia.

“He said he wanted to come by and meet my father sometime,” Franklin Graham said. Obama also wished the evangelist belated birthday wishes – he turned 91 on Nov. 7. Graham told the president he’d be happy to meet with him and then shared a verse from Proverbs, his son said.

So Obama wants in on some Rev Graham action, too? Copycatter! Or did Palin hear about Obama’s call then schedule her own meeting to one-up POTUS?

According to Franklin, Palin and Billy G discussed Iran, Iraq and Israel. Not a good foreign policy briefing, IMO.

And today Palin hits Ft. Bragg to sign copies of her book. The public is urged to bring their own copies as Going Rogue is not sold in the post store. Palin will not be speaking and there will be no posing for pictures wiht her fans. Local station WTVD reports:

Just like other book signings across the country, the event is expected to attract hundreds of Palin supporters. At first, the media was not invited to the event but Army officials changed their minds…According to Bragg authorities, the problem was the possibility that media access to the book signing might encourage some rowdy protests against President Barack Obama. Bragg said it did not want Palin’s appearance to become what they called a political platform.

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