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Liz Cheney Warns Against “Walking Away” from Afghanistan, Apparently Forgetting that Dick Cheney Walked Away from Afghanistan

Listening to a Cheney give advice about how to “win” in Afghanistan is rather like asking an arsonist what to do about your house as it burns to the ground.

I mean, there was something completely surreal about listening to Liz Cheney criticize Obama on “This Week” for trying to grapple with the disaster her father left the new president. The fact is, the United States is still fighting in Afghanistan only because the Bush/Cheney administration failed to achieve victory in that war.

The Bushies’ failure, after 8 years of pissing away American lives and treasure, to competently execute and win that war is so massive, so scandalous, that anyone named Cheney shouldn’t be doing anything else on television but apologizing and begging the American people’s forgiveness.

Worst of all? Hearing Cheney try to jam Obama about the dangers of “walking away” from her father’s mess — after Dick and W. did exactly that when they got the genius idea to launch their epic fail in Iraq.

These criminals have absolutely no shame.

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan