In space no one can hear you scream about Kenyan CommieNazis

homer_the_screamCongressional staffers are just not that into members of the teabagging lunatic fringe who keep calling them up late at night and screaming stuff about the Federalist Papers.

We have heard a lot of outrage over the past several weeks from Tea Party Patriots around the country that no matter how loud we protest, no matter how often we go to DC, no matter how large our crowds are, Congress is not listening to us. We have heard that Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s office is getting phone calls 15 – 1 asking her to vote NO on cloture and against the health care bill. Despite what their constituents want, Congress appears to be doing what they want rather than representing us.


[T]he most concerning thing we have heard from our membership is that Congressional staff are flat out refusing to listen to their constituents. There have been reports of local offices closing when members show up to talk or protest, when calling DC the phone is never answered, when calling local offices the voice mail is perpetually full, and other such incidents.

I can’t imagine why these people are not taken seriously

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