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59-Year Old Arkansan To Senators: “Jesus Healed the Sick, Have Human Compassion Please!”

Grounding his appeal to United States Senators in his faith, 59-year-old Arkansan Frank Wood reminds them that "Jesus healed the sick and didn’t ask for money."

Frank Wood last saw a doctor in 2004, for a specific ailment, and has never had a physical exam. He came to the free health care today for two issues: a hernia that bothers him while at work and a skin condition. He was referred to a program for the uninsured that he was unaware of, which may be able to help him with his hernia; he also received a prescription he’ll take to Walgreens to fill for $50-60 to heal his skin condition. He budgets for this every-six-month expense and hopes he can get the skin cream soon.

Eve Gittelson asks what he’d tell the Senators debating whether to debate health care reform today if they were in the room with them in Little Rock. Frank Wood reaches deep into his personal faith when he answers: "I would tell them that Jesus healed the sick in the Bible, and he didn’t ask for money for it. It’s a human right to have health care, it’s not a privilege. I think that it’s small-minded to think that it’s a privilege. We have to have human compassion for one another."

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge