Looks like even the Palinites are getting sick of the ‘Cuda this week. Amidst the BOOOOS one can hear “QUITTIN’ ON THE JOB!”

Stopped clocks, as they say.

Meanwhile, the ‘Cuda’s beloved Facebook page is getting bombarded with angry posts like this.

My family (wife, 3year old, and 10 year old) and I waited for 6 hours to get a book signed by Sarah Palin tonight. She left 300 folks standing in the rain and cold without explanation or even an address at exit. That is 1800 hours of voters lives sacrificed for nothing due to lack of concern by another politician for… our time, money and effort to see a cause through. She could have invested 45 minutes and not received the boos, or sign my book chants. I know that the majority of the folks that were chanting go Palin now are returning her books tomorrow morning. What a disappointment.

If this is the way the ‘Cuda manages a small-market bus tour, just think of what she’ll do for the country.

(h/t TS)

Blue Texan

Blue Texan