No one could have anticipated…

After emerging out of nowhere over the summer as a seemingly potent and growing political force, the tea party movement has become embroiled in internal feuding over philosophy, strategy and money and is at risk of losing its momentum.


“These groups don’t play as well together as they should,” said Kevin Jackson, a St. Louis-based conservative author and activist who has spoken at dozens of tea party-type rallies and is traveling across the South with a convoy sponsored by the national Tea Party Patriots group.

“They’re fractured at the organization level, I think mainly because there are a lot of people who have not had managerial experience who all of a sudden are thrust into the limelight and become intoxicated with it. And when a potential rift comes up, instead of handling it and maybe agreeing to disagree, they splinter and go off on their own.”

Wow, really?  Members of a movement based on paranoia and rage have trouble working together?  The deuce you say!  Next you’ll be telling me that Sarah Palin got booed by her own fans.

Look, if you throw a bunch of Tasmanian devils into a sack, they’re probably not going to be discussing cooperative escape strategies.