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Can’t Make It?Watch the Live Webcast of the World Can’t Wait Meeting

This weekend the World Can't Wait will have it's national meeting in NYC. This meeting comes at a critical time. As it becomes increasingly clear that Obama is not bringing about the hope and change some many believed he would many of you have questions about what can be done. What can be done to stop the continued crimes of government perpetrated through the U.S. wars/occupations and torture in the Middle East, the assaults on abortion/reproductive rights and LGBT rights with Christian fascists leading the charge? Well, this weekend World Can't Wait is having it's national meeting.  This is an important meeting both in terms of really digging into the reality of the situation on the ground and determining how we are going to move forward and act to build this still much needed movement of resistance.

I suspect that some of you who have come to know World Can't Wait and the work we do have thought to yourselves “It would be great to go to the meeting, but I just can't make it”. Well, not to worry we are doing a live webcast of our meeting on Saturday. We encourage anyone who wants to see a movement of resistance swell up and who wants to be a part of this much needed resistance to watch this live webcast. And the best part is that you can participate. You can send in comments and questions as the meeting is happening.  So if you are looking for a way to act  join us at the WCW national meeting by watching the live webcast of the meeting

In the meantime watch Debra Sweet, national director of World Can't Wait, talk to organizers about the upcoming meeting

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Jill McLaughlin

Jill McLaughlin