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Judge Madeline Vega of the Courts in Guayama, found cause for the arrest of Juan Martinez Matos for charges related to the killing of a young homosexual Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, and his bond was set for 4 million dollars. (NO BONDSMAN IN PR OFFERS THAT AMOUNT)

The public prosecutor Yaritza Carrasquillo presented three charges under Article 505 violation of weapons charge, and a charge under Article 106 of the murder in first degree, for the cruel murder of a young 19 year old in Cidra, Puerto Rico.

The next court hearing for Martinez Matos was set for December 7 in the Courts of Caguas.

While the killer was being transported he was passed by Jorge’s father and he stoped and asked for his forgiveness, and his father said “I already forgave you; you should ask God to forgive you”.

As the killer was being transported out of the court he was departing from his family, during all that he was crying, and was then transported to las Cucharas Jail in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

“Thank God that justice has been served” the victim’s father said to the agent in charge of the matter.  Angel Rodriguez has done a fast and efficient job in this case.

Martinez Matos confessed to the horrific urder of Jorge Steven who he decapitated, desmember, burned and finally threw his body into the area of Guevate in Cayey.

Below the fold, more details of Matos’ confession via, including that Matos thought Lopez Mercado was a woman.From 365gay

Martinez Matos was “looking for women” in a red light district last Friday. He had already been turned down several times, but Lopez Mercado, wearing a blue dress and boots, agreed to get in his car.

District Attorney Jose J. Bermudez says that in his confession, Martinez Matos said that he thought Lopez Mercado was a woman. The victim asked him for money and when he refused, Lopez Mercado pulled out a knife.  When Martinez Matos realized that the teenager was actually male, he had a flashback to when he was raped in prison while he was serving a sentence for domestic violence. He then attacked Lopez Mercado, separating his arms from his torso.

Police found a wig, a knife, a burned mattress, a burned PVC pipe and blood on the wall where the murder took place.

The forensic evidence is being investigated by the FBI. Though they have not specified charges yet, the DA says that he is sure this qualifies as a hate crime.


Juan Costa Rivera, a 365gay reader who knows Lopez Mercado’s friends, says that the local PR press is reporting that the suspect’s house was radied by police, where they found a burned mattress and pvc pope, a wig, two knives and a “big blood stain on a wall.”  The suspect confessed to police, saying he was looking for prostitutes in a red light district in Caguas. Basically, Rivera says:

“After being rejected by a few women, he saw Jorge dressed as a woman and asked him to go with him to the house. Apparently on the house, the suspect found out that Lopez was a man, after Lopez made sexual advantages, and as a result of the rage, he did what he did.”

Rivera says the police told media outlets that the suspect will likely use a “homosexual panic” defense, arguing for a plea of temporary insanity.

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