It don’t make no sense, that commonsense, don’t make no sense no more

common-senseIt is entirely likely (should Sarah Palin decide to form  her own political party since the Republican establishment is not exactly seeing birds suddenly appear every time she is near) that Sarah will probably form her own political party. Since the Connecticut for Lieberman Party name is already taken and American Teabaggers sounds like a Naughty America video series,  it is likely to be called  the Commonsense Conservative Party. This is  not to be mistaken with those losers (LOOOO-SERS!!!) over at the Conservative Party.

As Steve pointed out yesterday, Sarah must get a kibble every time she uses the phrase that pays: commonsense conservative [something something].

In an interview published today with her Number One fapboy, Rich Lowry, she was at it again:

She continues, “A lot of Americans are moving toward more independent but commonsense conservatism….”

“As for Lindsey, individually, I really like him,” she says. “His constituents may want to send him a message to say ‘shore it up’ and come back to some more commonsense, conservative ideals.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks has hardly been an anonymous critic. “Whatever,” laughs Palin about Brooks’s dismissal of her over the weekend as a “joke.” “I wish that guy would go back and look at my record and see my accomplishments and the commonsense, conservative principles that I applied as a city council member, a mayor, as a governor, as an oil regulator, etc….”

It will be called the Commonsense Conservative party and she will be their queen.

She already has the tiara.

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