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Ray McGovern, He Talks, Tells Stories, and Wishes Us the Joy of The Fiddler of Dooneen

The video below is dedicated to Ray McGovern for his lifetime of service to our country.

The link here takes us to Ray’s latest talk which he gave 11/12/2009 at Washington U. on the subject of torture. No matter how gruesome the subject, Ray manages to weave in his stories and lighthearted tales. In this talk he reminds us that we must remember to find Joy in order to maintain our sanity in these dismal times. The very last story he tells at the end of the Q&A period in the clip is about what happens when The Fiddler of Dooneen meets St. Peter.

The clip embedded here (I hope) is "the extraordinary scene and the music in O’Connor Square, Tullamara at Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann, 2007, when 2700 musicians converged to establish the World Record for the largest session. It’s the biggest joyful noise I could find for you, Ray, Thank you.

[By the way, in case everyone doesn’t know: Ray is pure Irish.]

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