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Pfizer to New London: “Thanks Suckers!”

Mother Jones has a great story on the latest screw job from one of Obama’s pharmaceutical homies (

This week, Pfizer announced, without warning, it was abandoning it’s 300 million dollar R&D facility in New London, CT. Just like that, 1400 jobs disappear and a hulking campus lies vacant waiting to be snapped up by some enterprising university that won’t pay any property taxes. Of course, New London played a big role in this fiasco by allowing itself to be used to do the Devil’s bidding in the Supreme Court Case of Kelo vs. New London. Bulldozing neighborhoods for your friendly local corporate vampire. How’s that going for ya, New London? Will we ever learn? Here in Ann Arbor, Pfizer told us to screw ourselves after all those generous tax abatements, then left town. The University snapped up a mini-city for a song and gets to pay zero property tax on top of it! Now, Ann Arbor is talking about an income tax, while a countywide millage proposal for the bloated school systems thankfully flunked at the polls. There’s a lesson here, but I doubt our politicians are planning to learn it.

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