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Latest From the State Blogs on Health Care Reform

As usual, there’s a lot of good stuff being written on the state blogs. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there right now.

1. Brian Leubitz on Calitics has an excellent article on the Republican’s “big idea” of selling insurance across state lines. The problem? “It will encourage states to be more permissive to insurance companies and allow them ever greater liberties in what they cover.”

2. Torridjoe at LoadedOrygun comments snarkily on Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer’s (D) “pseudo mea culpa” regarding the so-called “death panels.” Torridjoe writes: “Were it not for his totally wrong-headed and foolhardy notion to improve the quality of care for millions of Americans as part of the reform bill, the phrase might never have entered the political lexicon as it has.” Ha.

3. Over at Blogging for Michigan, Rep. Mark Schauer (D) argues that the right to choose shouldn’t be a “class issue for women,” and that the Stupak Amendment “represents a dangerous step towards making abortion a class-based procedure that only wealthy women could afford.” He says he’s “committed to stripping this burdensome measure from the final health care reform bill before it hits the President’s desk.” Yes, please get that monstrosity outta there!

4. Blue Virginia brings us the “effigies” of Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perriello that were going to be burned by teabaggers until “liberal blogs” scared them off. LOL

5. Minnesota Progressive Project covers Rep. John Kline’s (R) repeated lies about healthcare reform, and the not-too-bright media’s failure to question his false “assertions or numbers.” Why does this scene sound so familiar?

6, Over at West Virginia Blue, U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan (D) discusses on video why he strongly supports the public option as the key to improving health care choice, cost and coverage. Other than that, it’s a horrible idea. (snark)

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Lowell Feld

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