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Attention Right-Wing Idiots: Nixon Bowed to Chairman Mao

Today’s Washington Times nicely encapsulates the wingnut circlejerk over Obama’s bow to the Emperor of Japan:

This is not the way an American president impresses evildoers that he’s strong, tough and decisive, that America is not to be trifled with. […]

Can anyone imagine George Washington, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson making a similar gesture of servile submission? Or Harry Truman? Or FDR, who famously served the lowly hot dog, with ballpark mustard, to the king and queen of England?

Can anyone imagine a Republican president making a gesture of servile submission to a communist dictator responsible for the deaths of 70 million people?

Why yes, yes one can.

(ca. 1:24)

And just for good measure — just look how far Nixon bends and scrapes before the Chairman.

Picture 5



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