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Tea Party Leader: “Liberal blogs” Messed Up Plans for Effigy Burning Over Health Care Reform

So sad. 🙁

Nigel Coleman, chairman of the Danville Tea Party, says the local property owner hosting the rally asked him to pull the plug.

“We will not be going forward with the plan,” a crestfallen Coleman told me by phone moments ago. “We had to cancel it. The property owner won’t allow us to do it. The media attention was something that he didn’t want.”

Coleman said he was upset that people had gotten the wrong idea about his plan. “I’m disappointed that the story got out of hand and people misinterpreted something we thought would be a little historical lesson. They made people believe that we were committing an act of violence,” he said, adding that the “they” in question were the “liberal blogs.”

So now that those dastardly liberal blogs (uh, that would be Blue Virginia and Firedoglake, among others) have messed up the teabaggers’ most excellent plans for their Pelosi-and-Perriello-effigy-burning “TEA party,” what ever are they going to do? I got it, how about something like this? Ha.

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Lowell Feld

Lowell Feld

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