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a_winner_is_you_1024Creepy non-resident-of-NY23 accounting guy Doug Hoffman has discovered that there may be enough not-yet-on-the-books votes to make him the President of North New York and this he knows because Glenn Beck told him so:

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman tried to reopen the NY-23 race this afternoon. Two weeks after he conceded defeat to Rep. Bill Owens (D), Hoffman attempted to take it all back in an interview with Glenn Beck.

Beck who championed Hoffman during the race, asked Hoffman if he regretted conceding in the wake of new poll results that show him losing to Owens by a narrower margin than was projected on election night. Some Hoffman supporters have held out hope that the 10,000 absentee ballots currently being counted by election officials in New York could reverse the election night result, which saw Owens become the first Democratic representative from the district in over a century.

Today, Hoffman seemed willing to oblige their fantasies.

Since Hoffman and the conservatives already declared a win by losing this means that Doug Hoffman can now win and therefore not win-lose! And if he loses again that means he will double-plus-good win and he gets two not-counts votes in Congress.

For those interested in what the framers thought of “unconceding” an election  we turn to Federalist 22 where Alexander Hamilton  wrote:

The organization of Congress is itself utterly improper for the exercise of those powers which are necessary to be deposited in the Union. A single assembly may be a proper receptacle of those slender, or rather fettered, authorities, which have been heretofore delegated to the federal head; but it would be inconsistent with all the principles of good government, to allow “tap tap no take-backs, no erasies”. Also. Wolverines!

You can look it up.

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