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Oh, That’s Where Eshoo and Barton Were in the NYT Story!

Earlier today, I noted the curious absence of Anna Eshoo and Joe Barton in the NYT story about Genentech writing speeches for those supporting biologics in the health care reform bill.

(Note two people missing from this list: Eshoo and Barton, the measure’s co-sponsors.)

Thankfully, LittleSis figured out where Eshoo and Barton were hiding in that story.

But the Times misses a key piece of the puzzle: two of the Genentech lobbyists at the firm that wrote the pharma-friendly talking points are ex-staffers to Anna Eshoo and Joe Barton, co-sponsors of a key measure in the bill designed to benefit Big Pharma.

Nick Kolovos, a former legislative aide to Eshoo, and Jeffrey Mackinnon, former legislative director in the office of Joe Barton, have both lobbied on behalf of Genentech this year for the firm Ryan, Mackinnon (of which Mackinnon is a co-founder).

Oh, that explains it!! Their revolving door staffers were some of the people writing the speeches for those 42 parrots.

Click through to see how Bart Stupak has a tie here, as well.

Update: I asked the folks at LittleSis about Jay Inslee’s involvement in all of this. And got directed to Nick Shipley–Jay Inslee’s Legislative Director for the last several years, and now lobbying on biologics for Roche with the McManus Group.

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