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He won’t bow to Netanyahu because Israel didn’t murder Americans

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

President Obumbler won’t bow to Prime Minister Netanyahu because Israel didn’t murder Americans. But on Saturday he bowed to the Emperor of Japan.

Jerusalem Carl is not at liberty to discuss this:

Draped above a bookcase in his home northeast of Seattle, Jim Ennes displays a bullet-riddled American flag.

On June 8, 1967 — 42 years ago Monday — the flag flew over his Navy spy ship, USS Liberty, as it came under assault from an unlikely antagonist — the state of Israel that unexpectedly turned its weaponry on America at the height of the Six-Day War against Egypt.

In a one-sided battle that lasted for more than an hour, Israeli fighter planes unleashed cannon shots, rockets and napalm. Then, an Israeli torpedo boat scored a direct hit that tore a 39-foot-wide hole in the hull. By the time the fighting was over, the Israeli military had killed 34 U.S. crew members and wounded more than 170.


Israel has always maintained that the attack in international waters was an accident — a tragic case of Israeli forces mistaking a U.S. spy ship for an Egyptian ship less than half the size. The Israeli government issued an apology, paid $6.7 million to the survivors and the families of the dead, and sought to put the matter to rest.

Others — including Ennes — have maintained that the attack on a clear, sunny day off Egypt’s coast could not have been a mistake, in part because the ship was marked as an American vessel by identifying hull numbers and the U.S. flag that flew from a mast.

“There’s no way they couldn’t have seen that flag,” Ennes said. “When it got shot full of holes, we put up a new one.”

Sometimes history can be inconvenient…

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