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Despite a very foggy and soggy morning, many made the drive to Augusta earlier today to have breakfast at the Cony High School Civil Right Team’s Diversity Day fundraiser.

In fact, when I got there at 8:15 all of the restaurant’s parking spaces were taken and I had to park next door at the Comfort Inn!

Walking in, I was greeted by a few of the CRT members and met April Fenton-Hulett, their teacher/advisor. A delightful woman… I asked her quietly how turnout had been, both of supporters and protesters-


And that not a single supporter had brought a sign- they ALL came simply to have breakfast and support the kids.

The 99’s manager, Ken Stinchfield, was talking with a local police officer (that “99” paid for themselves, to be there for the event! Talk about unwavering support!) and 2 Kennebec Journal reporters, who later sat down for breakfast themselves. I later thanked Ken and chatted with him; it was nice as one parent to another to discuss the value of Maine’s Civil Rights Teams– he said that they have held similar events for other schools and will continue to do so.

Another person I met was Maine Civil Liberty Union and Southern Maine GLSEN’s Betsy Parsons, whom I have been wanting to meet for a long time.

She was equally pleased by the large turnout and extremely positive outpouring of donations and support the students were receiving- the kids were seeing and learning first-hand that while we Mainers come from very diverse backgrounds, we come together to help each other for a common goal.

She introduced me to Tom Harnett– he and I sat down to chat for awhile as well and he related stories of his work with Maine’s GSAs, CRTs, etc, as well as the recent campaign and what happens next.

A true pleasure to meet Mr. Harnett; I blogged last night in part about Mike Heath’s run-in with Tom back in 2007.

 And that reminds me:

A Big “Thank You!” to Mike Hein and his Maine Family Policy Council website, for their online PSA- turnout was terrific, because of YOU!   ūüėČ  




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