Sure didn’t take long for CCL MFPC and Porno Pete’s Gilligan! “Little Buddy” Mike Heath replacement, Pam’s House Blend endorser, “soon-to-be-divorced” book club member and self-proclaimed “Two Fisted Man of God” Mike Hein to get all ‘good and comfy’ in his brand spankin’ new role as Maine’s Premier Attack Dawg!

First, a local PSA:

The Cony High School Civil Rights Team is holding a fundraiser breakfast Sunday, 15 November, at the 99 Restaurant at 281 Civic Center Drive in Augusta. The breakfast begins at 7:30 and runs until 9:00, with proceeds going to help defray costs of the Team’s Diversity Day presentations.

The Cony Civil Rights Team holds its Diversity Day as a way to expose their fellow students and families to the various cultures in the Augusta community. The face of Maine is changing, and past Diversity Day events have featured presentations pf traditional Pakistani dance techniques and on what it’s like growing up as a Franco-American.

The Team also addresses gay rights issues, which will explain why the Family Policy Council (formerly the Christian Civic League of Maine) is planning to protest the fundraiser.

Now let’s see what “Big Dawg” Hein has to say!

The League has learned that an announcement by Cony High School in Augusta says that a local family-friendly restaurant, the 99 Restaurant, will host a fundraiser Sunday morning for a so-called “Civil Rights Team,” which among other things, works to normalize homosexuality in the minds of impressionable young school children.

Yeah, because certainly a gang of threatening adults MFPC sheeple intimidating everyone over eggs does such a GOOD job of normalizing harassment in the minds of impressionable young school children, right Mikey?

“So-called”… as if he’s never heard the phrase before. Bad Dawg, lying to your sheeple like that!!!

Many people are offended by the fact that the  fundraiser will be held at the 99 Restaurant in Augusta, a restaurant which markets itself as “family-friendly.”  The past activities of the Civil Rights Teams’ Diversity Day at Cony High School have been nothing less than outrageous, and have not only portrayed homosexual activity by minors in a positive light, but youth transgenderism as well.

According to the November 12th announcement on the Cony High School website,  the Civil Rights Team will hold the event at the 99 Restaurant (281 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME 04330-8033, (207) 623-0999) on Sunday morning, at a time usually devoted to Sunday worship (from 7:30am until 9:00am).

The corporate officers and local General Manager were both contacted several days before the fundraiser with objections from the League about the event, but the restaurant both coporately and locally refused to re-consider their hosting of the homosexual youth fundraiser.

It is regrettable that a business which wishes to be known as family-friendly is allowing an event which has the potential to cause moral harm to many of our precious young people.  A real injury is done when young people, who lack knowledge and experience of the real world, give their whole-hearted trust to people in positions of authority – their teachers – who in turn give them a false opinion regarding homosexuality and practices which cause devastating spiritual and physical harm.  

I’m sure that the inclusion of photos and phone numbers with the names of the teacher and management for 99 in Hein’s piece is PURELY meant in an innocent and informational gesture- and certainly NOT to give the sheeple easier access to  harass them as well!

My apologies to Charla Bansley, btw- apparently this WAS “All About Teh Childrun” after all…

More below the fold.CCL, now MFPC, has a long and rich history of harassing Cony’s Diversity Team, btw.

Mike Hein penned this in January 2007.

Augusta School Teaches ‘Transgendering’

The local Central Maine community was made aware of the events in a Kennebec Journal news article published on Sunday morning, January 28 and in a follow up report on the event published Tuesday, January 30.  In the articles, reporter Keith Edwards stated that the school planned to have both a learning activity featuring the transgendered Jen Ochmanski and a separate religious forum where a number of leaders of faith groups would describe their religions and beliefs.

The articles focused on the local transgendered young woman, who now identifies herself as a young man, Jeremiah Nazarkewycz.

She was the guest speaker on the topic of “Transgendering” taught to the Cony High School freshmen (13 and 14-year-old boys and girls) in Monday morning’s opening series of sessions.  From the article, Ochmanski, still a teenager herself, said that she “didn’t like to go to school much [his/her] senior year, in part because [he/she] wasn’t even sure, [himself/herself], how [he/she] wanted [his/her] classmates to refer to [him/her].”

Ochmanski is still legally identified as a female on her birth certificate, is undergoing hormone treatments to become more masculine, and has not yet ruled out undergoing surgery to become a male.

League Executive Director Mike Heath commented on his high school alma mater now teaching Central Maine children about transgenderism.

“We live in bizarre times.  Not too long ago every Mainer knew that sex change operations and witchcraft were as wrong as adultery and murder.

Heath explained, “It is impossible to understand what is happening because it is an inversion of reality.  This is what makes it possible for deviant behavior and dark ideologies to be aggressively promoted as normal without effective resistance.  It is irresponsible for adults to promote these ideas by presenting them without moral comment to impressionable young people who are maturing through puberty.  Our Maine public school classrooms are looking more and more like the bar scene from Star Wars every day.”

Heath followed up with a screed of his own.

The transgendering of Maine

I am amazed by the silence of parents and citizens.  Things have become so confused now that adults can’t decide whether teens should be having sex outside of marriage — even sodomy is alright with most of us, apparently.  We wrote yesterday about how my high school alma mater, Cony High School, dismissed the students for a day so they could attend a workshop on “Transgendering.”  The speaker was a teen herself.  This poor soul needs our pity, and our help.  Instead she/he is leading a workshop on changing one’s sex!

All in the name of civil rights, of course.

The taxpayers of Maine are pushing this nonsense at the state level with $500,000 a year.  The money is sent through the Attorney General’s office and funds the “Civil Rights Team” department.

Our efforts to defund this program have failed.  Without a public outcry this will be the least of our concerns in the not-so-distant future.

He followed up with this., when he got into it with the AG’s office.

I feel bad.

I need to make a few observations about this developing story:

1.  The League believes that the civil rights team project should be immediately defunded and shut down at the state level.  We have believed this since the beginning.  We have never supported this program.

2.  I have met with Mr. Harnett and his boss, the Attorney General.  I was informed of the fact that the civil rights team project “has nothing to do with sexual morality” and that “sexual orientation” is now the law, so I better get used to homosexuality being discussed by the children.

3.  I am not afraid of Mr. Harnett, Mr. Rowe or anyone over at the State House.

4.  I am afraid of a Holy God who isn’t happy about adults providing “safe zones” for kids to discuss and affirm sex outside of marriage.

5.  I reject Mr. Harnett’s views regarding the value of celebrating “multi-culturalism” in the name of civil rights.  Maine has a culture that is being undermined and devalued by people intent on redefining that traditional culture.  Mr. Harnett seems to be among that group.

6.  I did not contact Mr. Harnett last week and invite comment.  His published email to me was unsolicited, apparently in reaction to the Cony story on “transgendering” that we published on Monday of last week.

7.  The last time the civil rights team issue attracted public attention our ministry was viciously attacked.  The sign in front of our building was destroyed, and our internet forum was hacked and ruined.  We lost six months of work.

8.  We don’t hate people, and we don’t create the problem.  The problem started this time when a troubled 19 year old who needs counseling and spiritual help was included in a “civil rights team” event last Monday.  School officials pretended she was a hero for choosing to become a man.  She was there as a workshop leader to teach about “Transgendering.”  Last time the problem started when Mr. Harnett wouldn’t allow me inside his statewide “diversity” conference where he was putting kids in touch with “transgendering.”  We asked to tape those sessions.  We were denied.

9.  We are posting the emails we receive on this, and other, matters.  You can read the forum by clicking here

10.  I have asked Mr. Harnett repeatedly in the past few years for detail regarding the $250,000 that is spent annually.  I have never received any detail beyond the overall totals.  I have stopped asking.  He is trying to deceive good people.  Civil rights have nothing to do with holding workshops with Maine school children on Pakistani dance, yoga, withcraft and islam.

I feel bad. I really do.

And just last year, CCL attempted YET AGAIN to gather signatures to remove funding from Maine’s Civic Rights Teams. Not only did they fail, but they failed MISERABLY- and “wore out their CCL label”, hence the quiet renaming to “Maine Family Policy Council” last fall.

One hopes that a few things happen here:

1. That the kids raise alot of money and have fun.

2. That alot of people come out to support these kids.

3. That the kids learn positive lessons from tomorrow from their supporters and their responses to MFPC.

4. That the kids see, if MFPC members harass them, their teachers/ advisors, and the restaurant’s employees and management, WHY what they are doing is so critical and important.

May those life lessons be positive ones they will take forward into their lives.  




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