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Nick Gillespie needs a new Fonzi jacket

Nick Gillespie needs a new Fonzi jacket

The moochers over at Reason are using guilt as a way to loot the wallets of society’s producers so that they can continue to write more stuff about Free Market Capitalism and Social Darwinism:

Introducing the Fall 2009 Reason.com Webathon! Because Free Minds and Free Markets Aren’t Free!

For the next week, Reason mag Editor in Chief Matt Welch and I will be asking you to please help us keep Reason.com, Reason.tv, and Reason magazine going stronger than ever by giving a tax-deductible donation to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of the leading libertarian website, video site, and print publication in this and all other known galaxies.

Since your contribution is tax deductible that means your hard-earned money won’t be stolen by Big Government and given to a bunch of dusky welfare leeches with no marketable skills. Instead your cash contribution will  pay the salaries of a bunch of anti-social assholes with no marketable skills unless, of course, you think being a sneering prick devoid of any quantifiable emotional response to the pain of others or the ability to feel compassion or a twinge of sympathy for people less fortunate than yourself is a marketable skill.

Which it is, but only in states that still have the death penalty.

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