Here comes one of those opinions that’s going to piss a lot of people off, make them lose their minds, knock ‘em right off the rails and make me glad my address isn’t public. Jeez, I hate being such a grouch. I guess I need to take a news fast, but that’s a little like foregoing the use of oxygen, so here we go…

I’ve been listening to the latest dust up from the anti choice crowd from both of the political parties. They’re trying to derail health care reform because they think the federal government should have no involvement with abortion.

Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater, pun intended.

My God, but these people love fetuses! Or is the plural, feti? Whatever. How curious that the sanctity of a zygote outweighs the sanctity of the most basic right of the born, and that is the right to stay healthy without the specter of medical bankruptcy.

So there it is. I’d like to say this is my opinion, but unfortunately this is far more than a simple judgment call. Unfortunately there’s no avoiding the conclusion that all this gut wrenching fetus based hysteria is nothing but a red herring, a metaphorical fish that doesn’t do much to cover the real stench of war and disease. It’s a shame the pro lifers can’t seem to work up the same outrage over dead civilians killed in senseless wars. It’s a shame they can’t feel the same passion, and compassion toward the citizens of this rich country who die unnecessarily because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. Those deaths don’t seem to be as important though, so I’m left with just one of two conclusions. Either there’s a real deficit in common sense and the ability to prioritize, or the hypocrisy of these “pro-lifers” seems utterly boundless. If I were in a kinder humor I’d go for the first conclusion, however, I’m not feeling especially kind, and there’s far too much evidence to support the conclusion behind door #2.

Have you ever noticed a correlation between pro choice and pro war? This isn’t a scientific observation. I’ve not researched the data. In lieu, this is a simple, empirical observation based upon bumper sticker politics. Those who wear their politics on their transportation are fair game and offer easy evidence. So, a simple trip across town will reveal a remarkable number of anti-choice messages sharing a bumper with flags, yellow ribbons, and some variation of “Support the Troops”.

I’m confused, and I admit it readily.

How can those who purport to feel the pain of a fetus, not feel the pain of “civilian collateral” that’s been caught in the crosshairs of a drone missile launcher operated by a professional, military video gamer in Virginia? How can those who claim to venerate life not give a rat’s butt about American citizens who die from lack of health care?

I guess I could take the anti-choicers seriously if they were Buddhists. I’d get it if they drove hybrids with bumpers festooned with peace signs. I’d get it if they braked for animals, co-existed, and reviled the utilization of a fly swatter. I’d get it if it seemed like these drivers truly venerated life. But I don’t think that’s the case. It’s hard to get that warm, fuzzy, Kumbaya impression from a gas guzzling, “Don’t mess with Texas” decaled SUV. And again, though I don’t have official stats to back me up, it seems like an awful lot of “pro-lifers” belong to the NRA, and that seems like a bit of a disconnect.


My drive across town left me with one conclusion: it’s all about what side of the uterine wall that particular life inhabits. Love the fetus, F*%K the born! Is that the message?

So, this is a shout out for opinion. I really, really want to understand what’s going on here. Is this about original sin? Are the pre-born sanctified because those who have been birthed are screwed anyway? Eve blew it, so why bother? The sooner they meet the maker, the better?

Seriously, chime in and help me out with this one. I want to understand. I want someone to tell me how, in a world so filled with pain, starvation and extinction, in a world where all these disasters are the direct result of too damned many people, that the alleged right to life is a right extended first and foremost, to the unborn. Post uterine life is sacred too, and until there are no more senseless wars, no more starving children, and no more species driven to extinction by the fecundity of the human race, I will say unequivocally that the pro-lifers are simply too lazy to address the big issues.

It’s far easier for them to scare pregnant teenagers and medical personnel. It’s an easy way for them to feel good without getting their hands dirty, doing the real work needed to solve these very big issues.

Being “pro-life” is also a convenient excuse to not pass health care legislation. I, for one, think it’s a lousy excuse. Hell, it’s not even an excuse from the doctor! And this coming from an august group of legislator’s with the best health insurance in town.

Kurt Niece is a teacher, writer, artist and author. His latest work, "The Breath of Rapture" is a satirical novel about the perils of religious fundamentalism.



Kurt Niece is a teacher, writer and artist.