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George W. Bush, Apparently Unironically, to Unveil Public Policy Institute Today at SMU

225px-George-W-Bush.jpegBad news, Mustangs. SMU’s academic reputation has officially been shitcanned.

In a speech at Southern Methodist University, home of his future library and museum, the former president will kick off the new George W. Bush Institute as a forum for study and advocacy in four main areas: education, global health, human freedom and economic growth.

Because if anyone in history is synonymous with economic growth, it’s George W. Bush.

Advisers said he hoped his institute would be more focused on producing results than many research organizations are.

Because if anyone in history is synonymous with producing results, it’s George W. Bush.

“The president has been working with these ideas for a long time now,” said James K. Glassman, a former top State Department official now serving as the institute’s founding executive director. “He wanted to do something very different from other former presidents, and that is to create a research institute that’s independent, nonpartisan and scholarly and that will have an impact on the real world.

Translation: he wanted to cover up the festering pile of death and destruction he left behind in his wake by paying a collection of right-wing academic hacks lots of money to rewrite history.

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