Carrie Prejean: It’s Only Inappropriate When It’s Liberal Media! Plus More Sex Tape Wackjobbery!

Last night Carrie Prejean said on Larry King:

And, you know, this book is really just for Americans who believe that their beliefs are under attack and the double standard that there is, you know, conservative women have to face.

Yes, Carrie, it’s a double standard of your own making, and you keep digging deeper in that hole. And soon we’ll have that image everywhere, because your “not sex tape” just got okayed for a full release. But maybe not with a happy ending for you!

Monday Carrie didn’t miss a beat as Sean Hannity leered about her about being just a teenager when she made that Mistress of Her Domain tape, often referencing being naked on camera himself. But when Larry King asked about why Prejean settled in mediation, the former Miss California said he was being inappropriate, and kept saying


as King continued asking questions about the motives of settlement.

After one stern “inappropriate,” she looked over at her handler, then started mouthing something, and began taking off her mike.  When a call was put through, she got up and left! I bet she actually wanted to leave earlier when King asked

Did you own up to it? Did you let the Miss California or the Miss USA Pageant know about that video?

Naturally Prejean came back after the commerical break–she has a book to sell!  Larry apologized, saying that her publicist had an agreement that Prejean was not going to take calls, but seems no one told him. Damned liberal media! Because if you watch the video above, you’ll see King informed her she’d be taking a couple calls, and no one sent him an alert. In Carrie’s mind, it’s

this bias against conservative women. It’s fair game. And if they don’t like what you have to say, they have to attack your personal life. And that’s what we’ve been seeing. It’s very consistent.

Oh and she’s gonna eat these words:

And there is this double standards and Americans are now exposed to it.

Like we’re going to be exposed to Carrie’s  bean flicking, because it just gets better!! Prejean’s ex-boyfriend for whom she made the solo opus tells TMZ that the tape was made in 2007! Prejean was 19! He claims that once the tape surfaced, Prejean called him repeatedly, begging

‘Will you tell ’em I was 17?’

His response:

Hell no I won’t!

If Prejean was 17, the video couldn’t be sold, and he could possibly face some charges for having it and attempting to distribute it. I kinda smelled fish on the underage thing, since Prejean tried to pull the same stunt with the photos of her that were posted on line. What did George W Bush say?

Fool me once, on shame on you, fool me twice…I won’t get fooled again.

Here’s Carrie fooling lying

KING: All right, let’s get to an embarrassing part for you and how you are handling it. You recently confirmed that when you were 17, you made what you call a private video, a sexual-type tape, that you sent to your boyfriend. Have you seen the video?

PREJEAN: You know, I don’t think that’s the important issue, Larry. I think that, you know, there’s a video out there of me that I sent to my boyfriend at the time. And it was for private use. But does that justify my actions? No. And I take complete responsibility for the decisions that I made when I was a teenager. And I’ve learned a lot from it…

KING: One of the things — by the way, do you plan any legal action to block the video from being made public? Because you were under age when it was made…

OMG, she lied to fooled Larry King. But not her four-night stand who hooked up with her in San Diego after emailing and months of phone calls! He says about Carrie–who made at least 15 tapes for him inabout a two year period, often sending one then calling  for feedback because she loved attention:

She’s not the girl that she’s presenting herself to be. Not even–I actually never met someone that lied so much,t o tell you the truth…Her stand on religion? She’s using it to get to where she’s at right now. Really if she just was herself and she sure took the route of  ‘Hey I just like to party, I like to have  a great time, I’m hot,’  hey that sells too.  She’s just trying to sell to a different crowd right now. I’m not buying it and a lot of people who know her, they don’t buy it either.

But pretty soon, people may be buying Carrie in a whole new package and some might be still standing.  Firm and erect.

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