Wednesday Hump the Jukebox

First the list, then  the request.

Ready To Go – Republica
Stronger Than Me – Amy Winehouse
Head On – Jesus and Mary Chain
Jesus Built My Hotrod – Ministry
The Further I Slide – Badly Drawn Boy
Vendome – Modern Jazz Quartet
Angel Eyes – Roxy Music
Cody – Mogwai
Follow The Cops Back Home – Placebo
The Wolves (Act I And II) – Bon Iver
and going the extra mile: Ribbon – She Keeps Bees

Okay. So I am officially at 9980 songs on my iPod (aka Tom Jr. the II). Last night I added Beth Orton doing a  cover of The Five Stairsteps’ Ooh Child (still action video here) which is awesome. But now I need twenty more songs to reach the magical 10,000, which is only magical because it has a lot of zeroes in it. 20,000 will also be magical but that’s a ways off. This is where you, the reader, come in. I need suggestions for 20 truly indispensable songs to add. One or two songs that you couldn’t do without; songs that, if they did not exist, would leave your life as sad as Joshua Goldberg’s resume.

Because this is not Vietnam, there are rules. The song has to be something that can be purchased on iTunes. That means that that really cool Stephen Malkmus song which is only available on a cassette… and, oh, there are only two hundred copies in existence … that song  doesn’t count. I have a fondness for obscure covers if that helps. For obvious reasons the following artists are not welcome: Rush, Creed, Devendra Banhart (the Vincent Gallo of music), Creed, Josh Groban, Creed, and Creed. Also, Creed.

Obviously there is going to be a lot of “got it, got it got it, don’t got it, got it, got it…” so you makes your suggestions and you takes your chances. I’ll announce the lucky winners next week. And by “winners” I mean people who will receive a warm karmic feeling because they have made my life a little brighter, and by “warm karmic feeling” I mean you won’t get jack.

Also bonus points to anyone who can locate a down-loadable version of Zebrahead doing the Spice Girls Wannabe. .

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