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Late Night: Lou Dobbs Likely to Annoy Nation in New Capacity

Lou Dobbs has long been a rarity on the cable news scene: an angry old paranoid white guy who yells a lot and gets stuff wrong. Given the Harsh Discrimination the Liberal Media inflicts upon angry old paranoid white guys who yell a lot and get stuff wrong, it’s amazing that Dobbs even had a teevee show in the first place. His was an Important Voice: an angry, old, paranoid, loud, inaccurate, white voice, practically the only one on the airwaves, except for all the other ones.

And now Lou Dobbs has been fired! Oh yeah, right, he “resigned.” Ha! AS IF. NewsBusters, as always, asks the hard-hitting questions:

Has Lou Dobbs been forced out at CNN by the left-wing attack machine and other liberal forces? Quite possibly.

Quite definitely!!!! It is for sure!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to prove how for sure it is!!!!!!!! (Have you noticed, by the way, how Mexicans keep stealing honest hardworking American exclamation points and turning them upside down? And how they do the SAME THING WITH QUESTION MARKS? If the Mexicans can sneak into Our country and invert punctuation, tell me they’re not powerful enough to get Lou Dobbs canned. The logic here is inescapable.)

Besides, as the way sharp NewsBustards commenters point out, if you look at the NY Times story about how Lou Dobbs got, in effect, deported, you’ll see that the first sentence doesn’t say “illegal immigration,” but the last sentence does, which is you see incredibly clear evidence as if we even needed any that, uh, CNN is an  acronym for Mexican Islamofascism 4eva. In Kenyan.

Anyhow, what’s next for Lou Dobbs? A Fox News gig seems likeliest, but it’s just possible that he has his gimlet eyes set on the political sphere — maybe even the Senate! And that would be great!

Because if there’s on thing we need, it would finally be to get an angry old paranoid white guy who yells a lot and gets stuff wrong into the Senate. It’s a sadly underrepresented demographic.

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