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Everybody is Equal as Long as You Can Pay

Government is by definition an authoratative group that enacts and enforces laws for a group of people or an organization formed for the making and execution of laws for the benefit and growth of a society.

Our government, a democracy, was based and stated as a "government for the people and by the people" and a set of parameters was laid out giving and protecting certain "inalienable rights" of the people inhabiting this democracy known as Americans.

However, and I believe there is a large faction of people who would agree with this, the major controversies surrounding us today are actions of politics not government. Politics involves money and influence to sway those who are supposed to represent the people of the democracy to vote and enact laws that support their interests. While there are some humanitarian causes being represented in the form of lobbyists, largely, lobbyists represent the corporate interests of this country. Humanitarian causes are always underfunded whether it is the money to actually carry out the services needed or to fight for more funding and rights. This however is not true for big business. According to research published in the Nov 9, 2009 USA Today, the following groups have spent these amounts this year lobbying the government in their interests:

Chamber of Commerce $65.2 million
Exxon/Mobile $20.8 million
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America $20.2 million
General Electric $19.7 million
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $16.7 million

This list is just a few and is by no means inclusive or exhaustive. In other words, this is just the tip of the money mountain here.

The people are speaking out in this country but our lawmakers have dollar signs in their eyes and the will of the people won’t get them snazzy trips and other outlandish perks the likes of which us commoners can only dream. Therefore, we’re left with everybody is equal as long as you can pay. If we have enough money, maybe we stand a chance. If not, they don’t really care. This is politics as usual in this country. It is NOT, however, government. And it certainly is NOT "government for the people, by the people".

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