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Marco Rubio Strongly Opposed to Amnesty for Immigrants Who Are Not His Parents

Pictured: the product of amnesty.

Pictured: the product of amnesty.

The Club for Growth/Teabagger candidate for Senate in Florida, who’s challenging the NRSC’s Charlie Crist in a primary, apparently thinks we should forcibly deport 14 million people from the country.

As an underdog U.S. Senate candidate courting the GOP’s conservative wing, Marco Rubio takes a hard-line position against illegal immigration: no amnesty. […] The son of Cuban exiles born in Miami says he opposed the proposal spearheaded in 2006 by former Sen. Mel Martinez — whose early retirement triggered Rubio’s 2010 campaign — that would have allowed illegal immigrants to work toward citizenship. Crist supported the bill.

Indeed, Rubio recently smacked Crist for that position on the stump.

“He supported cap and trade,” Rubio said of Crist. “He supported the stimulus package. He supported amnesty for illegal aliens. These are all major issues that are going to be coming up in Washington.

So how did Rubio’s parents, who fled Castro’s Cuba in 1959, get in? Yep, they were granted amnesty.

Shortly after Castro won control, some elite Cubans fled to Miami. As the flow grew, Presidents Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson used the parole power to admit them. From 1959 to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, more than 200,000 arrived.

Once again, IOKIYAR — or in this case, IOKIYACR.

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