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Daily News Clips – 11/10/09


Senate Democrats look to start health reform debate next weekThe Hill

Senate Democratic leaders expect their long-awaited healthcare bill to hit the chamber floor as early as Monday.

Obama Seeks Revision of Plan’s Abortion LimitsNew York Times

President Obama suggested Monday that he was not comfortable with abortion restrictions inserted into the House version of major health care legislation, and he prodded Congress to revise them.

Groups redirect health-care ads to cheer and jeer DemocratsWashington Post

The House’s passage Saturday of a sweeping health-care bill has pushed the advertising battle over reform into a new phase, as competing groups have taken to the airwaves to thank or punish Democrats for their votes.

Liberals threaten to sink healthcare bill over Stupak abortion amendment The Hill

More than 40 lawmakers vowed to oppose the final healthcare bill if the House language on abortion is not removed.

Bill Clinton meets with Senate Dems on health careUSA Today

Former president Bill Clinton knows just how high the political stakes are in the fight to overhaul America’s health care system.


One More StepMike Lux

Health care reform was always going to be tough as hell, as difficult as any issue that could ever be tackled. As I learned from the agony of the 1993-94 Clinton attempt at health care reform, this issue is so massive, so complicated, so unwieldy that it is prone to be derailed by lobbyists pulling on any one of the hundred hanging threads and unraveling the whole thing. Culture war issues like abortion and immigration combine with issues peculiar to individual districts like having a medical device manufacturer based in a congressperson’s district, and all of those things combine with bigger worries about overall ideological and political concerns back home.

Lieberman will filibuster health-care reform ‘as a matter of conscience’Ezra Klein

I’ve sent a couple of requests over to Lieberman’s office for an interview, and haven’t had much luck. But my question is a simple one, and any reporter could ask it: What’s the mechanism by which the public option increases the national deficit?

Calling Out Joe LiebermanJon Cohn

Consider me equally bewildered. There are plenty of intellectually coherent–if, in my view wrong-headed–arguments against the public option. Fiscal responsibility is not one of them.

Why The Stupak Amendment Is A Monumental Setback For Abortion AccessThink Progress

If you thought that just because abortion is a constitutional right and part of basic reproductive health care it would be available in the reformed health insurance market known as the Exchange, think again. The Stupak Amendment, passed Saturday night by the House of Representatives after a compromise deal fell apart, potentially goes farther than any other federal law to restrict women’s access to abortion.

(compiled for Health Care for America Now)

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