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Bravo Rev. Green!!!!!!!!

This is the type of religious support we need and I wish that more of our religious “allies” would have the courage to follow her lead.

Reverend Kathleen Green has decided that she will no longer be an agent of the state when it comes to signing marriage licenses. What are her exact words? “What I will not do is be an agent of the state when the state practices discrimination and oppression.”

She is keeping true to herself and our Constitution (separation of church and state) as she says she will still perform religious marriage ceremonies, but the couple will need someone else to sign their license.

Now granted, she is a Reverend of Summit Unitarian Universalist Church (one of our strongest allies in the struggle for marriage equality,) but the point is, if all of our “allies” would take as strong of a stance as she is, perhaps we will see equality much sooner rather than later.

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