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Just lay back and think of it as a Vagina Added Tax

LadiesNightHey ladies! Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas thinks you should pay more for your insurance because you chose to have all that crazy plumbing with its nook and crannies down there instead of a good old fashioned American penis.

This was an unhealthy choice on your part… like taking up smoking.

No. Really:

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), the head of the Republicans campaign committee, caused a stir at last night’s Rules Committee meeting when he suggested that treating female-related health conditions was comparable to insurance-company imposed restrictions on smokers.

“Why should a woman pay more than a man?” asked New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone, according to the Courthouse News Service.

“Well, we’re all different,” Sessions explained. “Why should a smoker pay more?” he said before interrupted.

So, to sum up: your decision to own a not-penis is going to cost you.

In all fairness, you are already well compensated by no-cover Ladies Nights and two-for-one drink specials, so let’s just call this even-stevens.

No word on whether this will affect the dickless Democrats who voted against health care.

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