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Frank Luntz Defends Increasingly Incendiary Right-Wing Rhetoric: “They’re So Afraid”

In the wake of some criminal or morally reprehensible behavior by a brown person non-conservative, wingnuts absolutely hate any attempt to examine the psychological state of the culprit.

You saw this last week after the tragedy at Ft. Hood — they were besides themselves that the media reported the allegation that Nidal Hasan had been taunted because of his religion. OMG THE LIBRUL MEDIAS MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE TERRORIST OMG!

So it was amusing to see that pasty butterball Frank Luntz, wearing way too much makeup on “This Week”, telling us we really need to understand that those patriotic teabaggers were waving disgustingly graphic and wildly inappropriate holocaust signs because they’re just fearful for their children’s future. And we should understand that John Voight’s speculation that Obama had been “programmed” to “destroy America” was merely the result of his fear that his grandchildren would inherit a diminished America.

You know you’ve really screwed the pooch when you get put in your place by…Cokie Roberts.

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