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Stupak Amendment, Redux: Recorded Vote Live Blog


UPDATE: 10:18pm Stupak Amendment passes, 240 Yeas to 194 Nays, and John Shadegg voted “present.”

The Stupak Amendment went down about 8:12 p.m. ET, more Nays than Yeas on a voice vote. Rep. Stupak immediately asked for a recorded vote, though, but the vote was delayed until after the Republicans had a debate about their own substitute health care reform bill.

It’s a dangerous zone, between the first vote when everyone could hide behind the cover of an anonymous Nay/Yea, and now, when they will have to go public. There may be some votes shifting in this period of time, and it could make a difference. David Dayen noted at the end of his last post on the Stupak Amendment,

…We’ll have debate now on the substitute Republican amendment. Keep making those calls against the Stupak amendment! Per Chris and Natasha at Open Left:

Top Targets
Baird (WA-03): (202) 225-3536
Barrow (GA-12) (202) 225-2823
Berry (AR-01) (202) 225-4076
Cardoza (CA-18): (202) 225-6131
Castle: (DE-AL): 202.225.4165
Cuellar (TX-28) (202)-225-1640
Matheson (UT-02) (202) 225-3011
Michaud (ME-02): 202-225-6306
Perriello (VA-05): (202) 225-4711
Pomeroy (ND-AL) (202) 225-2611
Snyder (AR-02) (202) 225-2506
Tanner (TN-08) (202) 225-4714
Visclosky (IN-01) (202) 225-2461
Wilson (OH-06) (202) 225-5705

We’ll be watching these representatives’ votes more closely for this reason. Do you have a representative whose vote you’ll be watching? Besides John Shadegg’s “present” vote, of course…

And what do you think will be the next move after this vote?

UPDATE: 10:07 p.m. ET — looking at 118 Yea, 130 Nay votes, of which 31 were Dems voting Yea.

A recorded vote on the Republicans’ substitute bill and then the actual vote on the health care reform bill will follow this recorded vote.

UPDATE: 10:12 p.m. ET — now 196 Yea, 171 Nay votes, of which 53 were Dems voting Yea.

As Jane Hamsher said in comments below, our uteruses belong to Stupak. [I think I’m going to be sick.] It’s going to take more than Republican Rep. John Shadegg at this point to fix this horrific mess in the next few minutes, with only 37 votes left and no “present” votes.

UPDATE: 10:18 p.m. ET — it’s all over. The Stupak Amendment passes, 240 Yeas to 194 Nays, and John Shadegg voted “present.” Good for him, although National Right to Life has now painted a bull’s eye on his back and counted his vote as a Nay.

I am so disgusted; there just aren’t words for this. It’s like the vote for cloture before Justice Alito was seated on the court. THIS was the vote, Blue Dogs, not the health care reform bill itself or the conference committee.

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