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Do you need another reason to keep that wallet shut when it comes to the DNC?

Let’s just say that a little leaked email proves LGBTs are seen as the easy gAyTM to the DNC that can be manipulated, ignored, and pickpocketed as mob rule strips us of civil rights without a finger being lifted to help at the eleventh hour. It’s worse — stripping resources at the time of need. I won’t chronicle what John and Adam have detailed quite well, but if you had any reservations about the intentions versus the reality of how games are played with our community, this should clear it up.

I spoke with another DNC official today after my piece on the OFA’s fuckups/refusals to help, and that official told me “Some Mainers inadvertently got the email, but it was not sent to our Maine list.” I was also told that this was a “glitch”, and the quote above confirms that. Okay, one might think, a glitch is your system has a few people with the wrong zip codes in them, so they get a blast meant for someone else. Whoops. Fine. That’s not actually what happened. What happened, per Tobias’ e-mail, is the DNC did a large e-mail blast on this, and wanted to make sure Mainers didn’t get that e-mail, for fear that the gays might find out and ask, how come we didn’t get this kind of help?

It’s kind of like being forwarded a party invite the host doesn’t want you to come to, and when you show up, everyone gets silent and it’s a-w-k-w-a-r-d. The party, in this case, was electoral help, and OFA wanted to make sure people didn’t find out it was being grossly insensitive by not extending an invitation to the gays in Maine. Awesome.

I don’t know about you, but at the very least, it’s a peek at the kind the two-timing that goes on in national politics with constituencies they find “troublesome” or a perceived “liability” (save the $$$, of course). The difference is that the peek inside makes you realize how easily you’ve been had. In the case of LGBTs, it’s a screw job over and over. They don’t mind lying flat out, but catching them with their pants down usually hits a raw nerve.

[T]he DNC has concerns about getting involved in local ballot initiatives? Why? They did it last year under Howard Dean, when they donated $25,000 to the coalition fighting Prop 8’s repeal of gay marriage. President Jimmy Carter did it in 1978, when he came out against the Briggs Initiative, that would have banned gays and lesbians from being teachers in California. But regardless, why does the DNC (and the White House) have a problem getting involved when a core Democratic constituency is having its civil rights taken away by the far-right base of the Republican party? We were promised that this administration would be our fierce advocate. Now all we get are excuses.

Shut the gAyTM down; only give directly to candidates and organizations you believe are truly working in your best interest. Not a penny to the DNC; it’s the only leverage you have as an average citizen. The big donors in our community have to take a stand on this kind of nonsense, otherwise, they are enabling this kind of treatment of our community. It’s party-building at our expense each and every time, as we watch windows of opportunity close. The thought of a halt to the cash flow will stop this BS pronto, if only to make them listen for a goddamn minute before stepping on the gas to run over us again.


* 2010 panic: kiss our issues goodbye now…

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