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NCGOP inviting Scozzafava's revenge — NY-23 loser Hoffman

This is why the NC GOP is dying the death of 1000 cuts. They are way out there in wingnut land and the laughingstock of NC politics. That it is now led by Tom “I am not gay” Fetzer only adds to the fun. (Under the Dome):

The N.C. Republican Party is bringing in Doug Hoffman, the defeated conservative New York congressional candidate who helped spark a national debate about the party’s future, to speak at a political fund raiser in Raleigh later this month.

State GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer said that Hoffman would be a good fit for Tar Heel Republicans, Rob Christensen reports.

“His candidacy in New York inspired conservatives across the country, and he will reach out to North Carolina conservatives to help us reclaim our government,” Fetzer said in a statement.

Hoffman is the guy who was drop kicked after Dede Scozzafava was smeared as too moderate for the GOP by such leaders as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. I honestly don’t think inviting Hoffman can help the NC GOP move any more to the right than it already is. They are hanging from the fringe.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding