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Michele Bachmann Leads Health Care Protest on Capitol; Teabaggers Arrested

Posted on Twitpic by Somethingfishie

Posted on Twitpic by Somethingfishie

Michele Bachmann and her crazy mob of Teabaggers have invaded the Hill today.

Thousands of opponents of the Democrats’ health care legislation are gathered outside the Capitol, for a noon news conference and rally led by Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, and the chants are already underway, echoing across the Mall.

“Kill the bill!” they are shouting. “Kill the bill!”

It seems some got a little carried away.

Capitol Police arrested nine protesters Thursday morning in the Hart Senate Office Building.

The protesters were arrested about 10 a.m. in the office of Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and were charged with unlawful entry, a Capitol Police spokeswoman said.

And as usual, the rhetoric of the Teabaggers is extra classy.

Among the signs displayed at the rally was one demanding “Waterboard Congress” and another that said, “Vote no to government-run health care.”

As for Bachmann, she called for Teabaggers to storm the halls of the Capitol.

I’d love to have every one of your viewers join me so that we can go up and down through the halls, find members of Congress, look at the whites of their eyes and say, ‘Don’t take away my health care.’

Steve Benen notes the significance of today’s date.

This afternoon — November 5 — a date widely known as Guy Fawkes Night. (You know, “Remember, remember, the fifth of November.”) In other words, Bachmann wants to rally right-wing activists, label them an “insurgency,” and encourage them to roam the halls of Congress deliberately “scaring” members of Congress, on the infamous date that marks an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Added a Teabagger,

“Palin/Bachmann 2012,” came a shout from the crowd.


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