Stanley McChrystal:The Failures Just Keep on Coming

We now have a new entry in the never-ending saga of the failure of Stanley McChrystal’s leadership in Afghanistan. I have previously written on how his plan to increase detention of innocent civilians creates more insurgent attacks and on the war crime of using unmanned drone aircraft to carry out extrajudical executions.

Another of the myths of how McChrystal is to deliver "victory" in Afghanistan is through his training of Afghan forces to take over security so that our forces can leave. This is a direct repeat of one of Petraeus’ "strategies" in Iraq. Yesterday, the Taliban took action to disrupt this training. From Reuters:

An Afghan policeman has shot dead five British soldiers and seriously wounded five more at a checkpoint in Afghanistan, suggesting the Taliban may have infiltrated the Afghan police force, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Wednesday.

The story continues:

"It appears that they were targeted because they were engaged in what our enemies fear most — they were mentoring and training Afghan forces," Brown told parliament.

Continuing his complete inability to understand that it is our presence that drives these violent attacks, McChrystal is unfazed:

"We will not let this event deter our resolve to building a partnership with the Afghan National Security Forces," he said.

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How many failures does it take for a General to get fired?

Jim White

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